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The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony


Congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding! Marriage is a sacrament of the Catholic Church. We are here to help you prepare for this sacred commitment in your life.

Please wait to set your wedding date until you meet with the priest or deacon the first time.
Considerations before you begin…

  • The Church requires six months of preparation prior to the wedding.

  • Each of you must be free to marry in the Catholic Church.

  • Make sure you have received approval from the priest/deacon to have the wedding on a specific date before making any other arrangements for your wedding including arrangements for the reception, the photographer, or the flowers.

  • Once you received approval from the priest please call the parish office (895-6246) to confirm that the date you want has been scheduled on the calendar.

  • Please realize that you may not get the first date you desire.

The very first step is to call the parish office 319-895-6246 for information before you begin to plan your wedding. We will guide you through the process.


Sue Schettler serves the parish as Parish Life Coordinator. She will answer questions and give you direction on use of parish facilities. There are forms to fill out and a list of policies and guideline on various aspects for your celebration. You will need to schedule the approved date on the church calendar. Please call the parish office to confirm that the date you have arranged with the priest is confirmed on the parish calendar.


Sue Schettler
Parish Life Coordinator


Wedding Fees
There are various costs to any wedding. As you plan your wedding budget be sure to include the cost for use of the Church and the parish facility.
St. John the Baptist Wedding Fees are:

  • $200 for parishioners

  • $250 for non-parishioners

Full amount due one month prior to wedding date. Make check payable to: St. John the Baptist

Don’t forget the Priest or Deacon
It is considerate to pay the minister $75-$100 for his services to you as a couple. Make check directly to the minister or you may give him cash.

Numbers to remember:
Sue Schettler, 
Parish Life Coordinator, 319 –899-3687—cell
Loraine Kula, Parish Secretary, Parish Office: 895-6246



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