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Requirements for Confirmation:

  • Candidate must be baptized. Those not baptized at St. John the Baptist or who did not receive their First Eucharist at St. John the Baptist must provide the parish with an official baptismal certificate from the parish of baptism as soon as possible.

  • St. John the Baptist parish requests that the candidate has already completed their freshman year of religious education (with good attendance) before beginning the Confirmation process.

  • Candidate is to be a practicing Catholic. At a minimum the candidate is attending liturgy each week at St. John the Baptist parish. If the candidate is not attending liturgy on a weekly basis at St. John the Baptist then the candidate is to be confirmed in the parish where he/she worships regularly. This is a guideline of the Archbishop. If the student is not regularly attending liturgy, serious consideration should be given to delaying the reception of the sacrament.

  • Candidate must be enrolled and be attending Religious Education (in addition to the Confirmation sessions) on a regular basis. Candidate is to have been enrolled and attending Religious Education for at least one year prior to beginning the Confirmation process.

  • Candidate is to participate in all aspects of the Confirmation process, as well as being involved in youth ministry activities, and service to the Church and wider community. (i.e. help with retreats, singing in the youth choir, serving mass, helping with R.E., helping decorate the Church, helping to plan and implement youth ministry activities – volunteer at local soup kitchen, retirement home, community center, provide help assistance to the elderly, the poor of the community, etc.)

  • Candidate is to continue his/her involvement with the Church after the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation by being involved in parish life. The newly confirmed attends regular religious education classes throughout his/her four years of high school.  



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