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Building Project Commission.

Tom Wieseler (895-6850), Chair

Regular Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM


“Parish Renewal Prayer”


Gracious and Loving God,


In Your bountiful love, You have blessed us with many good things.  We thank you for our church, our faith, and the many gifts we treasure.


We see in this community a tradition rich in faith and love.  We look forward to a bright and hopeful future.

Be with us Lord as we plan.  Give us wisdom, that we will follow your will.


Renew us, Turn us toward Your love.  Transform us, Make us whole.  Shape us into an Easter people of holiness and grace.


We dedicate to You our labor as we strive to renovate and revitalize our parish.  Draw us together, heart and mind, as we do Your work.  Enliven us, young and old, as we continue to build this community oj faith.




This prayer reflects the voices of the Holy People of St. John the Baptist as shared at the Visioning Retreat on renovation and revitalization, November 29, 2006.




Committee Meeting Minutes:  


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