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Parish Requirements to have a Baby Baptized

Parents and Family Life – THE DOMESTIC CHURCH

The role of the parents in the faith life of the child is to bring to reality the promises made at baptism. The sacramental life of the Church is what defines us as Catholic. The Eucharist is at the core of our sacramental life. At a minimum this requires Catholics to participate in Sunday Eucharist each week. This precept is outlined in the Holy Scriptures, in the Ten Commandments, and in the law of the Roman Catholic Church. Without weekly celebration of the Eucharist the central truth of our faith is not experienced or lived out with any commitment or intent. Those who do not attend mass on a regular basis have no experience with the wider faith community in which to base their desire for the sacraments or their commitment to that faith community. These are of central importance in the preparation of children for any sacrament. The role of the family is that of Domestic Church. You are the first teachers in the ways of faith for your child. Commitment to the parish, participation in community coupled with the training you do at home helps to foster a child’s relationship with God.

The local parish of St. John the Baptist, under the leadership of Archbishop Hanus, expects that:

1. Parent(s) must be registered members of the local faith community.

2. Catholic parents must be practicing Catholics who attend liturgy each week in the parish.

3. Parent(s) are to attend parish sponsored baptism preparation class prior to the reception of the sacrament. Baptism classes are held in March and October each year, please plan ahead.

4. If you have taken preparation class before we may ask that you retake the session if: 1) you are not attending mass on a regular basis. 2) You are new to the parish 3) for any reason the Pastoral Administrator and Sacramental Priest may request.


The role of Godparent is more than honorary. The role is one of Christian witness. Therefore the choice that you make should be determined by the role that these people will play in the faith formation of your child. The persons that you ask to be Godparents are to be ones that live a Catholic lifestyle that witness a love for the Church and Her sacramental life. Church law requires that at least one sponsor is a practicing Catholic. Anyone who is not a Catholic may be recognized as a Christian witness but not as a Catholic godparent.

Church law only requires one godparent. If you choose to have two godparents, there is to be a godmother and a godfather. There should not be two of the same gender to act as godparents. The godparent must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years old and a fully initiated Catholic (baptized and confirmed) who participates in the weekly liturgy of the Eucharist in his/her parish. The godparent must be a practicing Catholic who is not barred by ecclesiastical law from being a godparent, i.e. If the Catholic godparent is married they must be in a valid marriage (recognized by the Catholic Church) to act as a baptismal sponsor. Documentation of the godparents’ status is required from the Catholic godparent(s) parish that they in fact can fulfill this role. A form signed by the pastor/pastoral administrator indicating that the person is able to fulfill this role is required.

The Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism

The celebration of the sacrament of Baptism takes place during one of the regular weekend masses. We ask that parents please schedule baptisms a month in advance of the date they are requesting. Baptisms are not scheduled during the seasons of Lent or Advent. Emergency baptism is always handled immediately. Please contact the Sue Schettler, Parish Life Coordinator, about preparation and scheduling of the baptism.




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