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Prayers and Thoughts on Prayer




+       Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17


+       Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10


+       In peace I shall both lie down and sleep, For you alone, Lord, make me secure. Psalm 4:9


+       Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Jesus Prayer

Stewardship Prayer

Oh God, I resolve to put You first in my life.
I recognize that You have blessed me with all that I have and all that I am.
As your steward, I resolve to sacrifice when necessary but always to do so out of a spirit of sincere love, just as your Son, Jesus, did for me.

I humbly accept the challenge to share from my means rather than from my excess.
I recognize that being a good steward is nothing more than being truly Christian.

Dear God, I resolve to be generous with my time, talent, and treasure, giving in proportion to the gifts I have been given.

I commit myself to taking care of my body and all of creation.
I know there will be times when I fail to be a good steward, but I pledge to keep on trying.

I will confidently live each day with a spirit of true peace and joy in knowing that I am doing your will. Amen.

 Marian Prayer for the Easter Season


Queen of heaven, rejoice, alleluia,

For he whom you were worthy to bear, alleluia,

Has risen, as he foretold, alleluia;

Pary for us to God, alleluia.


Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia.

For the Lord has indeed risen, alleluia.


God our Father, you give joy to the world by the resurrection of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the prayers of his mother, the Virgin Mary, bring us to the happiness of eternal life. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Sweet Jesus, lay Your wounded Hand

upon my head and bless me.


Stretch forth that same Dear Hand

and Bless each one in my family.


Now please give me Your Staff,

and I will return it to You tonight.


Let me go around in Your fold today

doing Your work in Your Way.


Do not let the human in me spoil me!


Push me back when I do wrong,

Make me go forward when

I’m afraid to do right.


And one favor more…

When Life’s Day has ended,

and its task completed

Make me a place at Your Feet

for all Eternity.


Sr. Wilma Wolf



Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit,

that my thoughts may all be holy.


Act in me, O Holy Spirit,

that my work, too, may be holy.


Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit,

that I love but what is holy.


Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit,

to defend all that is holy.


Guard me then, O Holy Spirit,

that I may always be holy.


St. Augustine


Thoughts on Prayer


+       Our soul also is a house of prayer.  Prayer should rise unceasing from it to heaven, like the smoke of incense. -- Blessed Charles de Foucauld


+       If you look at your parish calendar, night after night is likely to be devoted to classes, social activities, and outreach to various people in need. Putting faith into action is a good thing. It shows that we take discipleship seriously. A popular columnist in the Catholic press recently pondered what would happen if all parish activities were suspended for a year so that people could learn how to pray – really pray. In doing so, he said, “I have to believe that all the other ways a parish serves its people not only would fall into place, but would become driven by a fresh and awesome spirit.” As impractical as that may sound on first hearing, Jesus shows us again and again that prayer isn’t a last resort. For him, it was the beginning of everything. Do we trust enough to persist? If we seek, what will we find? - Jennifer Williams, “Practice of Faith” commentary on Luke 11:1-13 in At Home with the Word 2007: Sunday Scriptures and Scripture Insights, ed. James Weaver et al. Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 2006, p. 107.


There is perhaps no more difficult task than prayer. All of our earthly concerns are merely distractions which, when pushed aside for truly honest prayer, attempt to push themselves back into our consciousness. (CCC 2732) Are we guilty of attempting to deal with those concerns first because they may be easier than true and honest prayer? Do not speak to God as a last resort; pray first, and you will be amazed how many of those earthly concerns disappear! - © 2007 Liturgical Publications, Inc.



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