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Faith Formation Commission


Sam Esch, Chair, 319-804-9599, email samesch@gmail.com

Regular meeting time: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM

The Faith Formation Commission has as its mission, the setting of goals and objectives to meet the education needs of the total parish community, together with the monitoring and evaluation of programs designed to implement these goals and objectives. This "cradle to grave" approach assures that all members of the parish are serviced educationally according to their needs during the entire course of their lives.

The Faith Formation Commission (Board of Education) functions in the usual manner of Boards of Education with accountability to the Archbishop through the Archdiocesan Board of Education.

Including in its function are the following:

  • To be accountable to the Archdiocesan Board of Education and to implement its policies.

  • To have its own constitution approved by the Pastoral Council and the Archdiocesan Board.

  • To be responsible for all aspects of the educational programs of the parish.

  • To elect its membership directly from the parish at large.

  • To elect officers from amount its membership.

  • To have the Board President, or Board's designee, serve as a member of the Pastoral Council.

  • To discuss with the Pastoral Council its gross budget, and to submit this budget to the Council for review and approval. (After the gross budget for education has been determined by the Pastoral Council, the Faith Formation Commission (Board of Education) is educationally autonomous within that budget in accordance with its Constitution.) 






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