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Commissioned to Do God’s Work

The Pastoral Council met at the end of August to establish the goals and set direction for the upcoming year. One of the most significant changes is that the Pastoral Council has undertaken is to move from the concept of committees to the concept of commissions. What’s the difference you might ask? It appears to only be a word change. However, our goal as a pastoral council is to set us on the course of a new mindset.

The idea of establishing the concept of commissions flows out of our baptismal responsibility. We are commissioned by Christ to go out to teach the Good News and to baptize the world bringing people closer to Christ.

The word commission provides a sense of authority, a charge given to a particular group of people to implement the mission of the Church. We wish to train and empower people, not to attend committee meetings, but to articulate and to be Christ for this parish and for the world.

The Pastoral Council has charged each of the standing committees to adopt the concept of commission into their identity for this year. We are asking that they see themselves as not just a group of individuals working on a task but as a group of Christians commissioned to bring about change in their particular area of ministry.

Over the next few weeks there will be an overview of each of the commissions in the bulletin. The pastoral council asks that you prayerfully review each one so that at the Time and Talent Fair on October 27th and 28 you will consider how to serve in the ministry of one of these commissions. During these next few weeks ask yourself: What am I doing to better the Church? How am I making a difference in this parish with the gifts God has given me?

Sue Schettler
Pastoral Administrator



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